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I'm Clive Sherwood. I am one of a very rare set of clinicians, dual-trained and dual-registered as both a Physiotherapist and a Chiropractor.

I have over 25 years clinical experience, mostly working in the NHS where I rose to the Allied Health Profession Consultant grade as an Extended Scope Physiotherapist in a Spinal Diagnostic Clinic.

I look at how you move and interact with your environment, at how your Nervous System "reads" and controls your posture and movements. 

Chiropractic & Physiotherapy Services

I use a variety of techniques and approaches to:

 Manage your pain
 Facilitate recovery after injury
 Maximise your strengths and minimise strain on weaker areas, to overcome or compensate for dysfunctions and help you become more robust and resilient
 Improve your capacity to work and play, as well as to rest and recover
 Help you enjoy a more full and healthy life.
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Free 15-minute consultations are available to discuss problems 
prior to deciding whether to book in a formal assessment.

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Chiropractic massage

Individual Care

I am happy to see you in my clinic rooms or at your home or work, whichever is most convenient to you.

Optimal Performance

Even if you don't have any major pains or symptoms at the moment, but you would like to know your Nervous System and physical body are working at THEIR best...
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Corporate Wellbeing

Musculoskeletal disorders affecting employees can significantly reduce their productivity and, thus, be costly to businesses.

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